Our approach

Forget changing contact persons, quick fixes and transfer to support teams during which important project information gets lost. We developed our very own approach (proud!) that works (even more proud!).

In our approach, we systematically take into account your in-house knowledge and expertise. Do you want us to manage all aspects of the projects, before, during and after the project? We’d love to do so, and we have the necessary expertise! In order to develop the picture perfect, we regularly work with different partners: Internet Architects, Platform.sh, kañooh and Endare

But the project can also consist in an intensive technical collaboration with your in-house developers.

We like to establish a long-term relationship with you. 2 aspects which truly represent us contribute to that goal:

  • We work with fixed client teams
  • We are always at your service if you need support & maintenance

The advantages of a client team

A client team serves you from A to Z and takes the responsibility of the construction, the expansions, the maintenance and the support of your project. It goes without saying that this approach only brings benefits:

  • We always focus on stable long term solutions.
  • The quality of the website or application benefits from it.
  • The team can really dig into you project and this way, is very engaged.
  • Because of the fact that team members are closely involved for a long time in the project, they know your organization very well;
  • You are in contact with 1 fixed person which allows you to build a close relationship with him.

Quality service? Hell yeah!

What can you expect in terms of support & maintenance?

After we launched your project together, we do not abandon you. Logical, because in the actual online world it is impossible to build a website or application without paying attention to it afterwards.

You don’t need to worry about technology evolutions. And no, even if after tracking the surfing behavior of the end user you notice that there is a need for functional or content adaptations, you don’t need to panic.

And what about (Drupal) security updates, hosting, performance and back-ups? Yes, we do that too!

Your client team takes care of all the adjustments in a reactive and proactive way, based on a maintenance contract fully fits your wishes. What a relief!