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Content management: ensuring your editors do not feel the need to shout the worst swear words you’ve ever heard in your company’s hallway.

We offer 2 platforms which allow your company to easily create and modify the content of your website and other digital channels, by multiple users at the same time.

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Drupal is open source and its flexibility and openness are particularly appreciated by the huge community working on it on a daily basis. Moreover, we are one of the most experienced Drupal companies in the Benelux!

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This framework focuses mainly on the user experience management and integrates the different digital channels like email, mobile and website.

What can you expect? SEO, accessibility and training

  • Together with you, our analysts have a look at the structured storage and the disclosure of your digital content in different formats.
  • We always pay attention to best practices in matters of SEO, user friendliness, accessibility (directives of AnySurfer) and security.
  • We train your editors and guide them as soon as they start using the CMS.

Tons of CMS experience, also with multisites

For many years, content management has been one of our core competencies. It is evident that we have built a strong expertise and a lot of experience. We’d like to highlight 2 aspects:

  • We smoothly integrate external systems within the content management system. This can be a single import, an automated overnight data exchange, a real-time link, … Based on the specific business needs, we define the ideal approach and solution for you.
  • We set up multisite platforms like no one else. This allows you to manage multiple websites through only one platform. We already set up nice multisites for Pioneer Car Europe, Friesland Campina, Westtoer, de Digitale Regio Kortrijk (Digital Region of the city of Kortrijk) and the Flemish Government.

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Upcoming Tech Talks


AUSY Pitch Night

At AUSY, we don't only feel good about our work. We're also proud of our employees. Especially when they create great projects.

That's why we organize "AUSY goes startups". During this evening, (former) AUSY Belgium employees will tell you more about their startups. They will talk about the good, the bad and the ugly, but you will also find out more about the technical side of the projects.

Where? AUSY Belgium (DataFlow & ONE Agency), Esperantolaan 8 3001 Heverlee, Belgium

A Guide to digital monsters (and how to avoid them)

All digital products (websites, apps, tools…) start with 2 ambitions: satisfy target users and support business goals. But for many of them, strategic decisions during the creation process turn them into disappointing products, wrong shaped and unable to meet their goals. They become digital monsters.

Come find out: 

  • What these monsters look like
  • How they come to life
  • What damage they can cause
  • How you can avoid them
Where? AUSY Belgium (DataFlow & ONE Agency), Kerkstraat 106 9050 Gentbrugge, Belgium

Social engineering, phishing & password policies

Erwin Geirnaert, Chief Hacking Officer at ZIONSECURITY, addresses to users that try to keep up in a world of WannaCry, Petya and NSA dumps, while they start to feel more and more anxious about all that's happening around them.

ZIONSECURITY doesn't want to cause panic. They want to bring peace of mind by explaining different perspectives. Common sense will get you a long way. 

Where? AUSY Belgium (DataFlow & ONE Agency), Esperantolaan 8 3001 Heverlee, Belgium

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NN Belgium
Stad Kortrijk
Telenet DataFlow AUSY Belgium

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